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Concime a base di calcio complessato. Allowed in Organic farming

BiComplex Calcio
For organic farming
Allowed in organic farming
Manufacturer SKL
Formulation Liquido
Reg. number


BiCOMPLEX Ca is a high calcium fertilizer, complexed with very low molecular weight amino acids.

BiCOMPLEX Ca thanks to its particular composition, doubly protected, it can be quickly assimilated, translocated and metabolized by the plant. In fact, extensive research has shown that the product has a positive action in the plant already a few hours after treatment. The product is effective in the treatment and prevention of many physiopathies due to calcium deficiency as the absorption is so efficient that much lower doses are sufficient to guarantee the results. In stone fruit from the phase of falling petals to that of ripe fruit, to increase the consistency, the preservability and the sugar content of the fruit.

In viticulture against the drying of the rachis to encourage the increase of the sugar degree of the grapes and the consistency of the berries. In strawberry growing, during the fruit growth phase to improve the consistency of the pulp. In lettuces during growth to prevent and treat rot of margins and collar. In celery to prevent and treat the black heart.

WARNINGS: Leaf treatments must be carried out during the coolest hours of the day. Do not mix directly with alkaline reaction formulations.

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